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How to choose between different slate types

Date : 20 December, 2020

Known for durability and natural beauty, slate popular roofing material for style and function. With fire-resistant and eco-friendly qualities, the material is the highest quality roofing materials available today.

Alternative materials have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years while the longevity of slate means the roof's life expectancy can be up to 150 years.
If it is for your slate to be repaired or replaced, things may have changed since this was last carried out on your roof. So here is what to consider when choosing between different types of slate.

  • Maintenance: As a high-density material, slate is entirely waterproof and will remain intact even during heavy rainfall bouts. However, it's essential you check for the tiling standards you chose to see if they will last long with low maintenance.
  • Fire resistance: Further to being utterly resistant to high heat and extreme weather, the material is also non-combustible.
  • Carbonate content: When choosing between different types of slate tiles, individual slates have higher carbonate contents than others. This means they are likely to discolour more rapidly. Make sure you check what a slate's carbonate content is when choosing as those lower than 20% will take longer to discolour.
  • Installation: Whilst slate is famous for its durable properties, the key to its longevity is an expert installation. Specialist training is needed for slate roofing installation work, so we always recommend you go with a trusted company like ourselves rather than merely choosing the cheapest or first option you come across.

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