Flat Roofs

A Range Of Flat Roofing Services To Suit Any Property

With our experience, specialist knowledge and dedication to providing the best customer service, MF Roofing are proud to offer our services for the repair and installation of flat roofs. Our team are available for:

  • The laying of timber decking and the construction of new flat roof systems
  • Re-roofing
  • Bespoke flat roofs

We are available to work with a range of materials and offer guidance on the best options for your property, such as:

Mechanical fix: a roofing system which uses mechanical fixes or fastenings to secure a single-ply membrane on top of the insulation, vapour control and roof decking. This option offers excellent security as the membrane will not move or tear and allows for easy replacement and recyclability. 

Fully adhesive: similar to mechanical fix, this option bonds all the necessary layers, such as insulation and a top membrane, using a strong adhesive. Great for new builds and renovations it has protection against wind uplift, less movement and more appealing look due to the lack of visible fastenings. 

Felt: the traditional three-layer felt system with a mineral finish is an option which provides excellent waterproofing and thanks to modern advancements, extremely durable. While this is one of the older roofing methods, it has advanced to allow lifespans of around 20-25 years. However, the significant risk for this option is the effects of ultraviolet degradation, which in some cases is when excessive sunlight can wear down the roofing material.

Lead: a more specialist service we offer is lead flat roofs (code six and above). We work to ensure the correct materials, underlay and ventilation are installed correctly to create these incredible durable roofs. 

If you're looking for something in particular, or need some expert advice on the best options for flat roofing, our team is always on-hand to help. Give us a call, or use our enquiry form, and we can discuss any project you have, whether it is a quick repair job or the installation of lead flat roofing.

Roofing services to suit you

While they may not always look it, every roof is different and requires different approaches. We work with all our clients to offer an entirely personal and bespoke service for any roofing needs they have. 

Working closely with you, we will find the right materials and the right roofing options that suit both the property and your requirements. However, for each and every client, we offer the same guarantee of reliable, high-quality work.

Our qualified roofers can install, repair and maintain flat roofing while minimising costs and maximising quality. To receive an estimate, discuss any projects you have or to book us in for a job, please get in touch.

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