Lead Work

Tried, Tested And One Of The Most Trusted Building Materials

Leadwork is durable, long-lasting, and when laid correctly, one of the best roofing materials you can find. MF Roofing has years of experience and all the knowledge to professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively complete leadwork that'll look great and do its job well for many years.

Despite being one of the oldest building materials, having been used for roofing for hundreds of years, lead is still widely used today. This is thanks to lead's incredible durability, as well as the ease it is to shape, form and cut, which makes it ideal for roofing jobs.

Leadwork is an excellent weatherproof finish as it is waterproof and highly resistant to erosion. So, fewer repairs and fewer replacements mean more money in your pocket, less stress and a professionally finished roof.

However, for leadwork to do its job well, it needs to be handled and laid by professionals. Inferior leadwork can result in leaks, loose roof tiles and cost you much more money in the long-term. 

This is where MF Roofing can help. 

We know exactly what it takes to provide high-quality roofing. Our years of experience, along with a team of trained and dedicated roofers, can guarantee leadwork of the highest standard. 

Our team works to ensure high quality, and safe work is completed on each job. This includes following all guidelines for choosing the right lead for the job. As it comes in different codes (or thicknesses), they each have different uses, requirements and maximum sizes they can be cut too. 

This is why we always recommend seeking professional help for leadwork; MF Roofing is experts in the field and so always work to specification to choose the right material of the correct weight and thickness, and install it safely to ensure longevity and prevent leadwork from splitting or deforming over time.

Our team approaches every aspect of a job with the same dedication, planning and commitment to providing the best service possible. For example, we only use the best quality and most appropriate fittings, making sure to allow for expansion and contraction. 

We also want to ensure any leadwork looks as polished and new as possible for as long as we can, and so use patination oil, applied both before and after fitting, to prevent unsightly staining.

A critical aspect of this work is the underlay, which comes in different types all with their own requirements. 

Some of the leadwork services include:

  • Lead flashings (such as chimneys)
  • Box gutters
  • Valley gutters
  • Repairs
  • Lead welding
  • Bespoke leadwork

Please take a look around our website at our wide range of roofing services. 

If you're looking for professional roofing work, please get in touch. We can discuss what you need, how we can help and provide you with a quote.

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