Keep Your Slating In Top Shape With MF Roofing

Slate roofing is an excellent watertight feature to any property and has a range of benefits over alternate roofing options.

  • Style and colour. While most may think of the classic grey slates, they can be bought a range of styles, patterns and colours, allowing you to tailor the roof's look to your preference.
  • Long life-span. Because slate is essentially just rock, it has a very long life-span. With little-to-no maintenance, if fitted correctly, a slate roof could easily last 75-100 years.
  • Simple repairs. Repairs can often be as simple as sliding out damaged slate and inserting new ones, which cuts down on job costs and makes everyone's lives that little easier.
  • Durable. Not only is slate incredibly watertight, but it's also one of the most naturally fire-resistant roofing options.
  • Environmentally friendly. A natural product of the Earth that, if needed, could be safely put back in the ground.

What MF Roofing specialises in is the selection and use of the right slates for the job. As an example, we have previously worked on heritage buildings, which required us to source and supply reclaimed slate, which is where our close working relationships to suppliers gives us that extra edge over our competitors. 

The same attention to detail and dedication applies to every job we complete; we install slate by the grading of the thicknesses to offer a smooth finish as well, and we never cut corners when it comes to materials used or effort put in.

Our slating services include:

  • Creation of new slate roofs
  • General maintenance of a slated roof
  • Replacing damaged, slipped or missing slates
  • Full slate re-roofing

To maintain a watertight roof, the slates must be professionally laid and maintained when needed. If you've noticed or suspected any problems with your current slate roofing, get in touch; loose, broken or damaged slates can quickly become an issue.

MF Roofing is not only specialists in the installation and maintenance of slate roofing but are experts in the roofing industry. Whether it's slate, guttering or leadwork, please give us a call to discuss any work need doing.

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