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Slate roof fixings

Date : 20 December, 2020

Copper Clout Nails are the preferred choice for use in natural slat roofing. They are available in various lengths and shank sizes to accommodate different fixing methods and slate thicknesses. Copper clout nails are explicitly made for the job and comply with BS1202 part 2 for their manufacturing.

Copper Clout Nails have been used for years for their malleability, which can help fix the slate and, more importantly, their durability and resistance to corrosion.

Copper Clout Nails last much longer than Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel nails, up to 10 times longer. If you invest in a new roof – using the correct fixings will ensure the roof will not suffer from "Nail Fatigue" and shorten the whole roof's lifespan.

Stainless Steel Slate Hooks are a cost-effective alternative used extensively across Europe. The top edge of the slate used is gripped under the top part of the hook. The hook's shank then runs down along the side of the slates into the next course.

This means each slate is held in place by four hooks; one at the head, one at the rear and one on either side. The hook at the tail stops the hook sliding down, the ones to the side prevent turning, and the one located at the head holds it.

There are currently two types of Slate Hook, an over batten type and a drive-in type. The use of over batten type is minimal, with the majority being drive-in type. The hooks are typically manufactured using Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

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