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Why choose natural slate for your roof?

Date : 20 December, 2020

Natural materials are the best option when thinking of home building or renovation. Their natural properties give them better performance while being eco-friendly and avoiding chemical waste. The most well-known architects appreciate natural and high-quality materials as they offer the best results for durability and beauty.

Concerning roofing, natural slate has always been one of the finest materials in use. Slate tiles are most commonly used in northern areas and in countries where its resistance and waterproof properties made them the perfect solution for the harshest conditions. 

However, this doesn't mean it isn't also suitable for warmer climates. Roofing slates have exceptional performance, regardless of whether the weather is colder or warm. Besides, roofing slates are also fireproof, immune to insects, fungus and other types of microorganism. Its the most long-lasting natural building material ever.

Slate roofs have always been around us, present throughout the history of humankind. The products' reliability and beauty make it the perfect solution for a range of architectural purposes. No matter the trend, design or style, it is versatile and can adapt to any area it is used in.

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