Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Quick Response And Professional Repairs

We may not always fully appreciate our roofs, but we certainly notice when they become damaged. Loose and broken tiles can have knock-on effects on a roof's structural integrity and lead to further damage from the elements, leaks and potentially more extensive harm to your property.

With a quick response time and friendly customer service, look no further for your professional roof repairs than MF Roofing

More than a local roof repair company, our roofing contractors are highly skilled individuals who are adept at repairing all types of roofs. No job is too big or too small for our team; please contact us today, and we’ll be pleased to help you.

Quality roofing services for every property

Whatever your building is used for, we carry out roofing works to felt roofs, slate and tile, flat roofing and many other types of roof.

Our repair and maintenance services include:

  • Slate and tile replacement
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Identifying and reaching leaks other roofing companies can’t find
  • Sealing roof flashings
  • Renewing old brickwork
  • Replacing entire roofs and their structures

Not only do we provide roof care for residential properties, but we service commercial, public and third sector properties too.

Roof damage doesn’t have to be disastrous

Damage to your property's roof is never a fun thing to discover, especially in areas where rain and bad weather are frequent and unpredictable. We understand how stressful this can be, so that’s why at MF Roofing, we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help. We do our best to deliver responsive roofing maintenance and repair services with no added fuss.

If damage has occurred due to bad weather, don't worry. We have a team that's dedicated to dealing with emergency roof leaks. They'll be on-site as quickly as possible to plug the leaks and assess the damage.

Anything that can be done immediately, such as replacing roof tile or slate, will be repaired. Otherwise, we'll stem the leaking roof until the weather improves and they can crack on with more substantial repairs.

It’s always our number 1 prerogative to protect the interiors of your home. You can rely on us to act fast and to a high standard.

A top-quality team

Our team spends their days on roofs, from installing tiling and fixing gutters to leadwork. This means they've seen almost everything there is to see, allowing them to quickly and efficiently repair any damage that they come across.

Using only the best quality materials, never cutting corners and putting their all into each job, you won't find another team with the same dedication, knowledge and wide-ranging skill-set as MF Roofing.

Maintenance Programme

Time takes its toll on roofing. As roofs age, they can start to deteriorate, whether it's just one tile or an old section of guttering. If left alone, you might eventually need a roof replacement or suffer a serious leak. This can be both expensive and highly disruptive.

To avoid an emergency call out, you must care for your roof thoroughly and consistently. That way, you’re more likely to spot issues that could arise in the future and take the necessary steps to intervene before they cost you.

There's no reason to pull out the ladders; we are here to help, whether you use our services or our knowledge centre. Our maintenance programme makes caring for your roof as easy as possible for our clients. Ideal for those looking to take the hassle and stress from their roof upkeep, we inspect your property once a year and carry out any necessary repairs that may be needed. This can include tile repairs, gutter cleaning and flashings for debris. 

MF Roofing is on hand to inspect and maintain your roofing, no matter the size. If we find damage, we'll fix it, and if we spot something that could improve the roof's durability and lifespan, we'll suggest it. Sometimes, the best way to protect your roof is to ensure it's constructed and protected using the right materials.

We will also note and photograph any defects we see to report back, making the programme great for landlords and owners of multiple properties.

So, if your roof needs a repair, or it's reaching the end of its life, please get in touch, and we can discuss how we can help.

Give us a call today

If you spot damage to your roof, give us a call and request a quote today. We’ll get to work keeping your interiors warm, dry and protected.

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